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How long is the equipment warranty period from Zhongkaida plastic machinery?

Three year’s quality warranty for the whole plastic pipe extrusion machine (not including the easily damaged parts and human-caused damages).Single-wall corrugated pipe machineDouble-wall corrugated pipe machine

How about the technology supports and updating of Zhongkaida Plastic Machinery?

After-sale service: To provide technical supports and technological updating for lifelong, but not for free.

How is the after-sale service of Zhongkaida Plastic Machinery?

1) We will train the buyer’s employees until they master the operation method and are able to produce qualified products.2) The labour charges for machine installation and testing:• We will send a technician to the buyer's plant for installation and testing of the machine, and teach workers how to use it. • The buyer shall provide the board and lodging for free at any time when the technician is providing service.• The buyer shall pay for the round trip air tickets of the technician.• The buyers shall pay the technician $80-$100 (eighty-one hundred US dollars) a day for wages.

What is the pipe diameter range produced by single-wall corrugated pipe machine?

ZKD Plastic Machinery could manufacture and supply single-wall corrugated pipe machine with the production diameter range from φ7mm to φ315mm.

What is the pipe diameter range produced by Double-wall corrugated pipe machine?

ZKD Plastic Machinery could manufacture and supply double-wall corrugated pipe machine with the production diameter range from φ40mm-φ315mm OD.

What is the pipe diameter range produced by PE/PVC/PPR/PP/CPVC/ABS solid-wall plastic pipe machine?

Now Zhongkaida Plastic Machinery has the ability to design, manufacture and supply the plastic pipe machines to produce pipes ranging from φ20mm-φ630mm using the material of PP, PE, PVC, CPVC, PPR, ABS or others. 

what is the highest production speed for the bamboo pipe extrusion machine?

Since the bamboo pipe which complies with the national standard of 2016, is a new kind of tube used in the construction of high-speed road and bridge in China recent years, all the customers are quite sensitive to the production speed, which will affect their costs a lot. Considering this requests, we improve our technology by times, and the speed is increased from 1m/min to 3m/min now, which help us getting more and more customers in China market. 

what is the hottest extruders models for melt-blown fabric machines?

The hottest extruder model for melt-blown fabric machines are: SJ45, SJ55 and SJ65. 

How many sets of machines that Zhongkaida plastic machinery could sell out per year?

We, Zhongkaida Plastic Machinery sold out more than 260 sets of plastic machines in the year of 2019. This year, because of the affect of COVID-19 virus all over the world, the export business is highly damaged, but the domestic demands will be increase, as Chinese government set a new policy this year to expand domestic demands, especially the construction projects. So it is a good chance for machinery industry.

What is the delivery time for melt-blown fabrics machine in current situation?

Due to the huge and increasing demands of melt-blown fabrics, we are working overtime to catch up with the shipment time. But some parts of the machine are lack in the market and price is 5-6 times than before, it is not easy to purchase, which already influenced our production a lot. So in current situation, the earliest delivery time might take 30-35 days.

What is the production capacity of melt-blown fabric machine?

For 600mm melt-blowing production line, the production capacity is 20kg/hour using SJ65 extruder. The daily output will be 250-450kg/day.

What is the fabric grade that can be produced by the melt-blowing production machine?

The melt-blown fabric could reach PFE90/95/99 grade, which could be produced by our melt-blowing production machine. 

What is the quality grade of the melt-blown fabrics produced by the machine from Zhongkaida?

A lot of customers ask what is the quality grade of the melt-blown fabrics produced by the machine from Zhongkaida Plastic Machinery? now we have full confidence to answer the question that the quality grade could reach PFE99+ grade by the joint effors of our engineers and work staffs.

Is Zhongkaida Plastic Machinery a manufacturer or trader?

Qingdao Zhongkaida Plastic Machinery is one of the top and leading manufacurers and suppliers of plastic pipe extrusion machines in China with more than 20 years working experience in this industry. We are responsible to design and manufacture plastic pipe machines and extruders specially for each customer, arrange test running before delivery to make sure a perfect performance, and provide after-sale service to assist customer install and operate the machines. The technology updates and supports are life-long to ensure customers enjoy a relieved cooperation with us.