3 sets of bamboo tube extrusion machines are successfully installed in customer' factory

publisher: Ellen Huo
Time: 2020-03-10
Summary: Zhongkaida Plastic Machinery successfully installed 3 set of bamboo pipe extrusion machines in customer's factory, and the running and production speed are all satisfied.

In recent years, the bamboo pipe which complies with the new national standard of 2016 are getting more and more popular in some provinces of China due to the fast development of high-speed road and bridge constructions. 

One of our customers in China booked 3 productions lines before Chinese new year, but due to the COVID-19 events, the installation are delayed till now. Once after the traffic recovering, we start working and installed and ran the machines successfully! The production speed and capacity are highly increased as per customer's needs, which get highly recognized by customers. They also show the high interest to buy another new production line for other sizes of pipes.

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