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Update Time 2020-09-22

Seepage pipe production line product features

1. Large amount of water seepage: the opening ratio reaches 50%, and the open hole structure is in the form of a gingival funnel, which can effectively receive and discharge the rainwater on the surface of the pipe wall. The water seepage is more than 10 times that of the traditional seepage pipe, and the mesh PE Hard water pipes are a replacement for all traditional water pipes.

2, long service life: can be used for more than 100 years without deterioration, because it is a new type of PE raw materials, will not rot, anti-aging.

3, saving construction period: simple construction, pipe and tube only need to use simple straight through and elbows and other accessories socket connection, and the specifications of the fittings and PVC pipe specifications are the same, so you can buy connecting accessories everywhere, in addition, the pipe does not need another The drilling is processed to save the processing time wasted by the drilling. It is not necessary to use the geotextile to wrap the pipe wall when the pipe is backfilled, and only the geotextile needs to be laid on the gravel foundation.

4, high degree of steel ring, a wide range of applications: mesh PE hard water pipe ring steel can produce different levels of compressive strength according to construction requirements, respectively, 1KN, 2KN, 3KN, 4KN and other pressure levels.

5, reduce construction loss: good loop flexibility, will not damage the pipe due to improper construction, because it is PE material, so even if the pipe is extruded or bent and deformed, it will not easily break, will not affect its own water permeability.

6. It can reduce the maintenance cost in the later period: because the pipe structure is open on one side and not open on one side, it can effectively prevent secondary leakage, and has strong protection ability for roads and other places of use, and prolongs the service life of the road foundation. Collect water quickly and avoid soil erosion. 

Seepage pipe production line Product use: Stadium: golf course, baseball field, tennis court, football field, track and field. Airport lawns, urban landscape greening, large lawns and other green gardens. Farmland soil improvement, soil and water conservation, drought and flood control, land and alkali improvement and other farmland infrastructure, Highway subgrade drainage, river dam soil and water conservation.