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Update Time 2020-09-22

Corrugated tube extrusion vacuum forming unit: including extruder, vacuum forming machine, winding machine. The vacuum forming machine is a patented new product. The main feature is that the extrusion and forming machine are integrated to facilitate the adjustment of the concentricity of the extrusion die and the forming die, and it is not easy to change after adjustment. The equipment is cost-effective, low in energy consumption and simple in operation.

   The main performance parameters of the product:

   Production bellows specifications 5-40mm production line speed 8-15M/min

   Corrugated pipe material PE PP (PA PVC EVA with different extruders)

   The total power consumption is about 15kw (energy-saving products)

   Unit size: 7500X1000X1600

   Corrugated pipes of different specifications and shapes can be produced by changing molds of different specifications.

   If a corrugated pipe with a marking line is produced, an extruder can be added to the original unit.

   If the wire is passed through the production pipe, the wire is pre-extrused with a wire, a straightening, and a wire feeding device.

   If the products with ribs in the production tube are added with one extruder for different colors, the same color can be used for the original unit, and different molds need to be replaced.

   Users can order according to samples or patterns